Worship Music Team

Over forty people are invovled, taking turns in leading, accompanying, and supporting the worship music. Our music teams practice at 8:00pm on Wednesday nights and one hour before the Sunday service.  We have an open door policy on participation.  The only requirements are love Jesus, rehearse, and take direction. 


Ways to Get Involved with Worship: 

  • Singing
  • Playing an Instrument
  • Reading Scripture
  • Running Powerpoint during Sunday Worship


Contact the Worship & Program Director Dale Landegent if You are interested in participating in any way. We'd love to have you join us!


Christ Community Church Music Team Purpose Statement.

We exist to glorify God.
Through the model of our transformed lives and the testimony of the songs we sing, we lead the congregation at Christ Community Church in glorifying God. We return to God, out of our gratitude, our time and our talents for His purposes. We are tools for God to use, His ambassadors.

Our songs focus on God.
Our songs tell of God's: goodness, magnitude, love, authority, worthiness, and redemptive work through Jesus. Our songs retell the Scriptures and truths found there. Our songs reflect the believer's response to God, worship and an obedient spirit. Our songs encourage us to love God, love each other and those outside the Body of Christ as God has commanded.

We serve the Body.
Our job is to assist the Body in raising their voices in praise and worship to God. Through song, we hope, to help them transcend, to help them take the focus off of their earthly distractions and usher them into the presence of God. We desire to assist the Body in bringing their praise, worship, grieves, and hearts before God. From there, we trust God to meet the people, fellowship with, and care for them.

We serve each other.
Though gifted differently, we value each other as equal members in the Body of Christ. By promoting, encouraging and serving each other, we strive to serve God, and Christ Community more effectively.

We lead.
Music at Christ Community Church is God-centered, heart-felt, energetic, contemporary and/or relevant, inclusive, and executed excellently. We lead and model this.




Education Hour

9:00am (Sept - May)


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