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Brokenness, like clothes, comes in all shapes and sizes. Consider, for example, the woman of Samaria who Jesus meets in John 4. To many, she was the poster child of brokenness. She had been married 5 times with 5 divorces. Her relationships were broken; her religion was broken. Coming to the well to draw some household water at noon to avoid people who had shamed her both in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, she encounters Jesus! He engages her in conversation and ends up offering her living water; so her needs might truly be met. Finally, she meets someone who knows all about her, flaws included, and reaches out to her in mercy and relates to her with grace. That day, she heard the Good News that God comes to the garbage piles of life and seeks us out.


At Christ Community Church, we are a group of people who confess our brokenness. Brokenness comes in all shapes and sizes; we are all different, but we are all alike in that we are broken in one way or another. Each week, we celebrate God's unconditional love and mercy toward all of His broken people. Each week, we seek to encounter the living Christ who changes us by His grace. Our mission statement summarizes it well, "Confessing our brokenness, we are committed to loving Christ, loving one another and to sharing Christ's love and God's Word with our community."


Join us as we encounter Christ's grace for broken people at Christ Community. We would love to meet you and celebrate together.



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